how to order strategically from the new collection

I'm so upset I couldn't make it out to Hoopla again this year! It is my busiest time at my full-time job and they say they just can't spare me in July. It sucks because it means that every year I'm stuck watching the Instagram feeds light up with awesome #SDHoopla updates from my desk (then later from my couch) when I really just want to be there in person!

With Hoopla comes the Fall Collection - the best time of the year. It really is Christmas in July for stylists and fashionistas alike!

It can be so tough to decide what to buy from a new collection - especially when the new stuff is so gorgeous and juicy - but it is very important to exercise self-restraint. I know, it's a LOT easier to talk about self-restraint than it is to actually practice it!

Here are some great tips that were shared online by a stylist from my up-line team (Julie B.):
  1. Get your ticket for your local Fall Launch over the next few weeks, if you haven't yet! You'll have the chance to check out a fashion show, get updated on the news and top tips to come from Hoopla, and what you're all waiting for - there will be tables set up to view and try on the jewels from the Fall Collection!
  2. Check out the fab recommended list from our merchandising team, split out by the amount you wish to invest:
    For new stylists:…/NAFall15_N…
    For existing stylists:…/NAFA15_Sty…
  3. Look at YOUR OWN collection first... Do you have enough gold vs silver in your display? ...delicates, mid-size necklaces. Then fill in and prioritize based on that. I personally sell LOTS of $74-$84 necklaces and stacking bracelets so will use that as a starting point, in the metals that I need to round off my display. Focus on jewels far more than bags and wallets.
  4. Book some trunk shows! It is more fun to buy new samples when you have upcoming shows on the books
This is a great approach to a new collection launch. Take a look at the jewels you already have first. I usually have some items that have made it onto the 'Retired' list that I need to rotate out of my display, leaving some holes in the variety. This season specifically I'm looking for new bags so I am definitely going to grab up that awesome Hudson tote with matching City Slim clutch. I'm in love!

Don't forget - this is your business and you need to treat it like one. Protect your investment and be a savvy business owner!

Tell me: Which pieces from the Fall 2015 collection are you just DYING to get your hands on? Leave a comment below.

How to order strategically from the new collection

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