hoopla and fall rally takeaways

Last week I attended my local Fall Rally event to learn some of the best tips and takeaways from Hoopla. Unfortunately, yet again I was unable to attend Hoopla this year. My life is simply too hectic around July and I can't spare the time away from my full-time job.

If I can't be at Hoopla in person, at least I can watch it online and still get valuable training when my local leaders come back all pumped up and ready to coach!

Here are some of my favourite tips from the Couture Club rally:
  • Your Who Do You Know list should be a living, breathing document. Keep it up to date every time you meet someone new. If you're OCD like me, you could colour code and date the names on that list so you can really keep track of your pipeline. Need a little inspiration? Check out this blog post for WDYK list prompts.
  • Create a Who Do You WANT to Know list. This is genius! Write down names or descriptions for specific people in your community or just-outside your network. Use this list as inspiration and take small steps towards meeting these people. For example, you noticed that a cute little shoe boutique has opened up in your community and you think this would be an awesome place to host a customer appreciation event - write that down! "Cute shoe boutique owner"
  • Further on that note, partner with local businesses. Get to know small business owners in your community. You can refer business to them and they can refer business to you!
  • Always, always, ALWAYS keep minis in your purse. You never know when you might run into someone who compliments your jewels or your bag. Minis are the perfect hand-out item to showcase the most beautiful and trendy pieces from the collection. The fact that it does not contain the full collection creates the perfect excuse for you to follow up with your new contact later to "introduce you to the complete collection".
  • Don't wear other brands' product. You're a walking billboard! There was a reason Jessica Herrin chose to build this business around jewelry and accessories - they're highly visible and they're one-size-fits-all. Besides sentimental jewels (wedding ring, etc.), choosing to wear products from another retailer means missing out on an opportunity to share the style with new people.
A few of us Savvy Sapphire gals hung around for a photo after the Rally!
Lastly, I wanted to share my most favourite and valuable piece of advice from that night:

Learn Social Media

Brick and mortar retailers are struggling. Retailers we all thought would be around forever are downsizing and closing their stores (Gap recently closed 25% of its stores). Despite this, S&D is expecting huge growth via e-business. This is the best time to learn how to capture that traffic and funnel the growth to your own online business through social media.

Remember when the Sparkle Studs sold out because everyone started re-posting the pic and blurb about their size, etc.? Well, before that post went viral S&D was selling 300 pairs a week. After it, they sold over 3,000 in two days - WOW!!! Some of you are probably still waiting for these studs to come back in stock! This really speaks to the power of social media when it comes to your business.

HO has put together this neat little guide that can help you generate some ideas for your online marketing. I know lots of readers have questions about this though, so I'll be starting a series of blog posts about social media practices soon. In the meantime...

Have you read the guide but you're still struggling to get started on social media? Do you have questions about how to navigate a specific platform? I'd love to help you! Send me your questions and I'll help you get launched! Connect with me using the social media and email links on the sidebar over there ---->

Did you attend your local Fall Rally? Tell me what your favourite takeaway was! Leave a note in the comments below.

Hoopla and Fall Rally takeaways

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