why June is the best month to start as a new Stella & Dot stylist

We have never had a month this sweet since I started as a Stella & Dot stylist almost three years ago! Can you believe how awesome the stylist opportunity is?

Here are some of the things every new stylist gets access to when they join at any time of the year:

  • An amazing, supportive network of real women who want to see you succeed in your business, for REAL
  • Unlimited access to business coaching through her sponsor, upline team, Head Office, and the other stylists in her network - like me! :)
  • Access to beautiful photography, graphics, and other marketing materials to use while selling online and on the go
  • A team of "back up" Customer Care specialists to help handle customer inquiries and issues and ensure our Delight Guarantee
I don't know about you, but this is sounding good already. In fact, it's for those very reasons that I signed up as a stylist myself.

But in the month of June, Stella & Dot is sweetening the deal even further!

New stylists who sign up before June 30th at midnight can qualify for a REBATE on their $199 starter kit! #sdjoy
All said and done, new stylists stand to make $450+ in cash and $850+ in free product within their first 30 days!

Here's what you need to know:
  • Stylists can join the tribe for the low, low price of $199. With her starter kit, she'll automatically get:
    • $350 free product credit towards whatever she would like from the collection
  • If she sells $1000 retail within her first 30 days, she'll automatically earn:
    • $250 cash commissions
    • $100 free product credit (Quick Start bonus)
    • Unlocks Jumpstart Rewards, earning them $100 free product credit (10% of total retail)
  • Additionally, if your stylist signed up in JUNE and sells that $1000 within her first 30 days, she'll also earn:
    • $199 cash rebate on her Little Blue Card to re-coup the cost of her starter kit
  • If, in order to sell that $1000 within her first 30 days, she hosts her own trunk show, she'll earn hostess rewards like:
    • $250 free product credit and four half-price items
    • $50 free product credit for the June hostess bonus
It's just insane! It all adds up like this:
Not only is this the Best. Month. Ever. for your prospective stylists to sign up, but you'll also both be earning DOUBLE Glam Points towards that amazing all-expenses paid trip to Jamaica.

I highly encourage you to reach out and share this news with anyone in your network who has been considering the opportunity. They will not want to miss this!

If you haven't already started building a team, I highly encourage it. It is so extremely rewarding to be able to help other women "fill their cup". My Stella & Dot business has empowered me to become more supportive to family and other friends in my life. I think it is even the reason for why I now identify as a feminist! More to come on this, next week ;)

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Have you met a customer or trunk show guest you think would make an AWESOME stylist? Reach out to her! Here are some words to say.

Tell me: What was the reason YOU joined as a Stella & Dot stylist? I want to know! Leave me a note in the comments below.

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