words to say - thanking a referred order

So you've received a referred order! If it's your first, you may be wondering what to do next. I'll give you the same advice I tell all my new stylists, every single time: follow up, follow up, follow up!

All online orders are required to provide a name, an email address, and a phone number, so you have everything you need to reach out to your brand new customer and thank them for their purchase. 

But why? Great customer service is what sets Stella & Dot stylists above the rest. Would Le Chateau call you to personally thank you for your purchase after you order that adorable top online? No. They probably wouldn't even call you if there was an issue with your order - they'd email you! So, be different. Reach out and connect with her to prove that you're a real person and you care about her order.

Calling is best, but these words could work in an email too:
Hello Julie!
My name is Laurie and I noticed you placed an order on my Stella & Dot website a couple days ago. Thank you so much for your purchase! I want you to be 100% delighted with your purchase, so I thought I'd reach out and introduce myself. I am your new Personal Stylist and I am excited to connect with you. 
I notice that your package was delivered yesterday. Yay! Do you love your jewels? What have you worn them with so far? I love seeing pics of customers with their S&D goods, so please feel free to send some along!
You can also call or email me anytime - I will always be thrilled to hear from you. I offer personalized shopping services year-round to help with gifting for various occasions - showers, birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers Day, Christmas and more. If you or anyone else in your family need a little help in that department, I'm your gal! Of course, I reward referrals with sparkly things LOL
And just let me know if you’d like to get your friends together for a trunk show and earn yourself $100s in free accessories. It would be so fun to spend a couple hours styling you and your friends!
Thank you!
If the call is going well and your new customer likes to chat, feel free to ask some questions and get to know her a little better. Find out how she heard about Stella & Dot, where she lives, what she does for a living, etc. The conversation may very well turn into a hostess coaching call!

The key is to let her know that you are 'at her service'. One-on-one personal styling appointments can be very lucrative so I like to mention that up front. I also want to encourage her to pass my name along to anyone who might be interested, and of course that I'd love to do a TS with her! It's all about planting seeds. Now, when you reach out to her again in your next round of warm-ups, she's not going to be surprised that you'd ask.

I personally like to reach out a day or two after my customer receives her order. She's usually still excited from the 'box opening' experience and is maybe even wearing their sparkly new jewels when I call. It's the perfect time to catch her in a happy moment. 

Some stylists like to follow up on referred orders shortly after the order is placed, before the jewels arrive. This is fine too, but my favourite part is when I get to hear about how much she loves her purchase so I always opt for post-delivery :)

I want to hear about your experience! Have you ever had a referred order turn into a beautiful new relationship? Tell me in the comments below.

words to say - thanking a referred order

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