why your 'words to say' are so important

How often have you left a trunk show or a conversation with someone on-the-go and you're kicking yourself for not closing the deal? This happens to me all the time! I used the wrong language or I forgot to mention a key piece of information that I'm pretty sure would have booked that show or made that sale.

Even though I know I would benefit from it, I'll admit that I don't ever rehearse the Words to Say. I'll read them over (in my head) before a trunk show, yep; I'll peruse them at the beginning of every month, absolutely; but I most certainly do not rehearse them aloud. Ever.

I firmly believe that the Words to Say are some special kind of magic (even if I don't lead by example). The team at S&D HO have done a phenomenal job in formulating a script for us that uses very specific terms and language in order to increase our chances of a close.

Check out the Words to Say for March 2015. Here are some phrases from the script that I think are especially powerful:
  • "I immediately thought of you when I saw our Kaia Pendant Necklace and Chandelier earrings." This rocks! Opening the conversation with a warm and fuzzy statement like this really makes your prospect feel special. Not only were you thinking of little ol' them but you also remembered something about their style and jewel preferences! This is like the Stella & Dot version of "Your usual today, miss?" from the barista at your local coffee shop - it seriously feels good to have someone pay such close attention to you.
  • "I would love to get you and your girlfriends together for a fun style session!" I'd like to break this one down into two key parts:
    • This is a statement. Not a question. TELL THEM you want to style them. If you phrase this line like a question, it gives them an opportunity to say 'no' before you even get to the good part of the conversation! Wait till later to start asking questions.
    • Words like 'love' and 'fun' emphasize the excitement surrounding a trunk show. Throughout the conversation you really want to be expressing how great and enjoyable a TS is. It's fun and it's easy and you'll be there to take care of it all - so use words that represent that excitement!
  • "We could do Wednesday, March 11th from 7-9pm or Saturday, March 14th from 11am-1pm." Notice that the script indicates two specific dates. This is key to managing your flexible business and creating the schedule that works for your life. Superstar stylists consistently advise to only offer trunk shows on dates that YOU want to work. Maybe that means you only do shows on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings - that's okay! You'll fill those dates up quickly and eventually have the pleasure of telling prospective hostesses, "I'm so sorry, all my dates are full until April! How would April 17th work for you?" Suddenly, you're a hot commodity + high in demand = even MORE desirable! Not only that, but history tells us that offering a prospective hostess a choice between two specific dates yields better results than by asking the open-ended question of "What day are you free?"

Beyond the Words to Say provided by HO, there are some other phrases you can incorporate into your regular S&D conversation. Try some of these:
  • Use an assumptive close. When a prospective hostess says "not right now" it often means that they're simply not motivated enough to host right now. Being intentional about the language you use in these situations will help motivate them towards that free product. Positive language like "when you have your show" and "these are the things we are going to get you for free" can go a long way in building up that excitement. You might want to try something like, "If you were going to do a show during the holidays, do you think you would do October or November?" All of these phrases assume that the answer is 'yes', even if your prospective hostess hasn't fully committed yet.
  • Make passion contagious. You love the product, the company, styling and meeting women - so make her know it! Share your passion by using words that reflect your excitement. Your S&D business is filling your cup, in some way or another. Make your prospective feel those same positive feelings! One way you can do that is to compliment them - all women love to be complimented. Don't forget, we're in the business of making women feel good, empowered and beautiful.
Check out some of my other 'words to say' posts on the blog by clicking here.

What do you do differently? Does it work? I'd love to hear from you - leave a comment!

why your words to say are so important

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