overcoming objections: "I can't do it at my place"

Have you ever had a prospective hostess worry that her place isn't big enough for a trunk show? I know I have! I've worried about that same thing myself, planning sample sales and customer appreciation events at my place. How about uncooperative roommates? Yep. There can be any number of obstacles that may deter a prospective hostess from holding a trunk show at her home.

I believe our job as a stylist is best executed when we can put our hostess' minds at ease. Help her problem solve! Here are some responses to common objections around hosting a show at home:
"I live in a tiny apartment." Remind your prospective hostess that you love trunk shows big AND small - there is no discrimination here! There is plenty of opportunity to let your friends shop online through the TS link. I've even heard of hostesses who will hold two style sessions on one day (say 1pm and 7pm) to accommodate as many people as possible. This might be a solution for you also, if your prospective hostess is willing?
"I can't think of a place where you could set up." Once again, this is no problem! Scale your display to the size of the space. Bring 5-7 trays (instead of the recommended 10) to set up around the room, a couple here and a couple there. Pack a selection of other items in a Jewelry Portfolio (like this) or two and pass them around throughout the night. Make sure your jewels are set up in the same room as the food - all the event guests will gather around the food and you want to make sure you capture their attention.
"What will I do with my kids during the party?" Well, I don't have kids but I've had a number of hostesses with them. Suggest that the daddy take the kids out for the afternoon/night. If she has girls, tell her about the Girls Collection and suggest her guests bring their daughters too - it can be a mommy-daughter party! If the prospective hostess and many of her friends have young children, suggest they all pitch in on a babysitter together to watch the group, or the hostess may be willing to splurge and pay the sitter herself.
"I live with roommates/my parents/other family members and I don't think they'd like that." First of all, pay attention to the specific words your prospective says here. Does she say "I don't think" or "They won't"? If she sounds even a little bit on the fence or uncertain what their housemate's response might be, get her to ask them! It can't hurt to try, right? :)
If you can't come to a solution for holding the TS at her place, suggest another fun location! Consider one of these:
  • Take your display to her office and bring the style to the boardroom
  • Gather the girls for some java at the nearby Starbucks
  • Arrange for a Happy Hour TS at a wine bar or restaurant in town
  • Set up an online party for her 
Really, our business is set up to style on-the-go and anywhere. Get creative in finding solutions to help your hostess earn those free rewards

P.S. Check out some of the other posts in my Overcoming Objections series to learn more about how to combat those No's

I want to know! What is the wackiest place you have ever done a trunk show? Leave a comment below :)

overcoming objections - I cant do it at my place

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