overcoming objections: "I'm too busy"

We're all busy! Society today seems to hold busy-ness as a pride point. How many times have you answered questions "how are you?" or "how is work going?" with "oh, you know... busy". Yea, we all do it - just admit it! Busy-ness is a badge of honour.

Hearing "I'm too busy" as a response to your offer is typical. In my experience it is the most common of all the responses I ever receive. Here's how I combat it:
1. Acknowledge - reveal to your prospective hostess that you get it. You're busy too! It's especially difficult during this time of the year, when everyone is being pulled in a million directions for holiday parties, family get-togethers, and more.
2. Use the "if I could" formula - offer a solution to her problem of busy-ness. You know she wants to earn the free jewelry (who doesn't!) so HELP her get what she wants in a way that works for her. For example...
"I totally understand. My calendar is getting really full in December too! If I could find a time that is free in your calendar and mine, would you be interested?" 
3. Find a time that works for you both. This might be a good opportunity to book in tight. The campaign manager from Barack Obama's first presidential campaign narrowed event planning down to a fine art, discovering the 'sweet spot' for how many days in advance guests should be invited for an event. He said 7-10 days is that spot. Think about it - everyone knows what they're doing 7 to 10 days from now so they can give you a solid RSVP right away. No more of this "I don't know what's going on that day, can you remind me again later?" business! Anyway, even if it ends up being only a small group of friends that's alright. We love trunk shows of all sizes :)
Get creative! Think outside of the box to find ways to accommodate her schedule. Have you looked at her calendar and legitimately found there are NO days that would allow you to do a trunk show at her home? That's okay! Here are some other creative ways you can squeeze a style session into a hostess's busy schedule...
  • Tag along to her scheduled coffee date with girlfriends
  • Set up at her book club meeting
  • Does she belong to a sports team? Set up outside of the change room after a game or tournament and help her teammates go from "game player to glam"
  • Take your display to her office and bring the style to the boardroom
  • Help her and her girlfriends get ready for their girls' night or a holiday party! Bring your jewels, lend them out for the night - I betcha they'll want to buy some of their own ;)
  • Set up an online party for her 
  • Is it summer break and she's heading out to the camp site? Offer to go out there for an afternoon and let her tent-neighbours shop!
  • Heck, take your roll-up and travel case full of jewels beach-side or pool-side
If none of these options work for your hostess, don't forget to offer your personal styling services anyway. She may not be suited to hosting a show but could end up being a loyal customer or a connector. Ask her if she knows anyone who would love to earn free jewels! You never know what might come from your continued relationship.

P.S. Don't forget to follow along with my Overcoming Objections series to learn more about how to combat those No's.

Can you think of other ways to connect a hostess and her girlfriends to the Stella & Dot style? I'd love to hear your ideas - leave them in the comments below.

overcoming objections - I'm too busy

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  1. Great tips you have for stylists. This can also be applied to so many small business and gaining new clients.



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