overcoming objections: "the product is too expensive"

So you've got your butt in gear and you're talking to folks on your WDYK list all about the business. Maybe you're reaching out to help them shop for the holidays or maybe you're trying to book some more shows to maximize the season. By now you probably realize that it takes about 10 No's to get one Yes. That's seems like a heck of a lot of No's but don't worry! This is normal business. As you grow within your S&D biz, you'll learn strategies to 'combat' those No's and figure out the best ways to convert them into Yes's!

When I first started as a stylist my biggest challenge was combating No's. I still have troubles with it! Stylists from all levels have trouble facing No's - trust me, you and I are not alone in this.

This post is the first in a series that will talk about ways to combat the most common objections. I would really love your feedback on these lists too. If you use any other words when faced with these objections, please leave a note in the Comments or tweet me @LdeFleuriot.

To start, let's chat about what you can say when your prospective says "the product is too expensive"...

It goes like this...

Me: Rachel, I'd really love to do a show for you and your girlfriends. You're so much fun and I just know that the girls will love the new stuff from the holiday collection!
Rachel: Oh, no I don't think so. The stuff is just too expensive, my friends don't have a lot of money.

Then what do you say?

Here are some responses I've found work for me:
  • Getting some girlfriends together for a style session will earn you $100s for FREE - what's cheaper than that?
  • More than half of the line is under $60 CAD/$50 USD so there are pieces that will fit into anyone's budget.
  • S&D really prides itself on versatile pieces that you can wear multiple ways. For example the bestselling Sutton necklace that you can wear in 5+ different variations - you're getting HUGE bang for your buck!
  • Trunk show guests have exclusive access to our monthly exclusive offers so your friends can unlock half-price discounts on featured items, just for attending!
  • My job as your stylist is to help you (and your friends) find pieces that will compliment your wardrobe - it is so much cheaper to buy accessories to jazz up your existing pieces than to go out and buy new every season switch-over!
For more help on overcoming objections, check out VP Training Danielle Redner's video here.

Have you found any other responses that work well when you face this objection? Leave a note in the comments below!

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