21 ways to increase your November sales

Thank you to my amazing sponsor Mirjana Letterio for this awesome list of ways to maximize November. She kindly gave permission for me to share the list with you on this little bloggy, so here we go:

  1. Host your own trunk show if you haven't in a while. Make it fun and special! Do a drawing, pull out pieces that are discontinued and offer them as a "gift with purchase" if they spend at least $150 (pre tax/shipping), offer free shipping for orders over $100, offer a gift to the first 10 people through the door (Elf brand cosmetics from Target - they have fabulous lip gloss!)...you get the picture!
  2. Host a mystery hostess trunk show - basically the same as #1, but incentivize your guests to come by letting them know that you are giving the rewards away! For every $50 a customer spends, they get an entry in to the drawing for the rewards!
  3. Pack a jewelry tote loaded with jewels and take it with you if you're going away. Flying? Pull it out to "arrange and organize" while on the plane! And have order forms on hand as you might need to help some fellow travelers/flight attendants who want to order some gifts!
  4. At the family lunch/dinner, deck yourself out in your favorite look, and make sure to bring your tote with jewels/order forms (you can discreetly hide it in your favorite SD bag). If anyone brings up your SD biz, gush about it! Let them know you brought a few pieces, JUST in case anyone wanted to see what you have been up to and what you have been selling, and let them know that as family, you'd love to offer them free shipping for anything they'd like to purchase for themselves or others.
  5. Loan jewelry out! Be strategic about who you loan it to. Give it to someone that is out and about, and will be seen and admired by lots of other women. A working professional (think those in an office, the admin there, a Principal at a school, real estate agent, or newscaster) is the ideal person in this situation. She will likely fall in love, and purchase or host a show - or even become a stylist!
  6. Deliver Holiday Look Books to past hostesses, top purchasers and offer to do a trunk show - give them 2 open dates THIS month and offer to help with refreshments by bringing a bottle of bubbly and a easy app.
  7. Pick a couple specific dates you want to fill and reach out to 10 people offering it as a chance to get the girls together for happy hour and retail therapy. You will book it, I promise! Call/text your top ten and say "November has been so busy, but so much fun for me to help everyone shop ahead for all their holiday gifting needs! I only have 2 dates left - Saturday the 29th and Monday the 24th - and I wanted to offer them to you first!"
  8. Tell your friends, family, and customers to create a wishlist online (they can do this by going to your website and logging in to their personal customer account). Reach out to everyone that has made a wishlist, and offer to be a helper elf! Find out who you should reach out to to shop their wish list!
  9. Layer, layer, layer - wear your engraveable with another delicate, and personalize the look with a statement or longer delicate!! Girls LOVE the layered look, and the price of 2-3 pieces adds up for a great sale!
  10. Offer to do a charity trunk show: Have a girlfriend dedicated to a cause? Offer to donate a percentage of the proceeds to her favorite charity if she does a trunk show.
  11. Get your old, retired samples WORKING for you! Offer them as booking incentives! Take a picture of about 3-5 of these pieces on a tray together with your cell phone, and text them out to those you are trying to book with THIS month, and say, "these beautiful pieces are now retired exclusives (no longer available) and I'm looking for a home for them! If you see anything you like, I'm gifting them to anyone that want to get their friends together for happy hour and retail therapy on either Thursday the 20th, or Saturday morning the 21st. First come first serve!"
  12. Meet a friend at Starbucks or your favorite local coffee shop with a tote full of jewelry to play around with! Have holiday look books on hand, and your iPad, laptop, or order forms in case women want to shop on the spot!
  13. Have friends/family who work in offices/retail? Offer to hold a lunch/happy hour show (if it's happy hour, I offer to bring the wine/bubbles and some easy salty snack). . Best offices to do this: real estate, ob-gyns/dentists/title companies/spas/salons or ANY spot where lots of women work! Coordinate with someone you think would be motivated to help you schedule this by the FREE product they will get as the unofficial hostess!
  14. Show on the go! Over Thanksgiving - or any time your jewelry is not in use - pack up 15- 20 pieces in a tote with look books and order forms and give them to someone who wants rewards. They can use the jewelry for a couple days and gather orders as they go! Remind them that all they need is 4 orders totaling $500 - and they will earn $100 in freebies, + 3 1/2 off coupons!
  15. Teachers! See if you can set up a pop-up shop at your kids' school in the teacher lounge. Let the person coordinating it/getting you in know that she will be the unofficial "hostess" and will earn the rewards for helping you out. Best time for a teacher lounge show is over the lunch break (10:30-1:00) OR even after school (setup from 2-4). Best time of the month to do this? Pay-Day (find out when this is!)
  16. Sell to MEN. 99% of them have NO idea what to get their significant other. Offer to help them SAVE Christmas by helping them pick out something she will love, and then offer a personal touch of free gift wrapping. Have their order ship to you, wrap it up, and deliver to them (or they can pick it up from you).
  17. Talk TWEENS! Stud earrings, fundraiser, friendship and wishing bracelets, engravables....offer these styles as ideas for any little fashionista in the 10-14 year old range.
  18. Leave look books at hair/nail salons and spa waiting rooms. Let the receptionist at the front that checks in everyone borrow her favorite statement piece to wear for a couple days!
  19. Offer individual appointments for top purchases and good customers, offer to come to their home and help style their clothes for holiday parties. Personal shopping is where it's at!
  20. Educate your customers about all of our current promotions. Don't cut people off when they are ordering by EVER using the words "is that all?"...until they say "that's everything" just keep shopping with them and offering them ideas to "finish the look". DON'T FORGET our Trunk Show Exclusive offers! If they have spent over $50, say "oh look, you qualify for our half-off boutique! Let me show you what those pieces are. These candles are only $7 EACH! What great gifts/stocking stuffers/ hostess gifts for the season! And they smell so yummy" And most important....DOT DOLLARS are here!!! It would be irresponsible not to inform every.single.customer about them. So when you are placing an order for $47....it's your DUTY to inform them they are only $3 away from earning $25 in Dot Dollars to use towards a future purchase. Then offer them some options - The wishing bracelets for $24 are a GREAT add on to up a customer's order to receive Dot Dollars. Or have them look at the Sale page to add something so their orders qualifies! MAKE SURE you have read up on Dot Dollars and how they work so your customer know too.
  21. Host your own pre-party for Black Friday shopping! Invite everyone to swing by for some Black Friday Fuel, and have muffins, bagels, coffee, and even mimosas available. Have your display set-up, some cheerful music playing, and let everyone know about what our Black Friday special is (TBA). If they bring a purchasing friend - they get free shipping!
****Important to note: I have had LOTS of stylists on our team ask me about doing an online show this month in an effort increase their sales. While some stylist do experience some type of success with these types of events, it's definitely not the norm. My advice would be to opt, instead, on focusing your time and energy on either booking an in-person show, or hosting your own show. Online shows are not really trunk shows since you are not meeting people face to face which allows them to try on the jewelry, see the stuff in person, meet YOU and want to learn more about hosting or even joining. They can be considered as a nice add-on to an already FULL trunk show calendar, but should never be considered Plan A - and they don't usually produce the connections or results you want. If you already have an online trunk show scheduled - there is no need to cancel it. But be realistic, and expect little to no sales from it. In-person shows are the BEST use of your time and energy, and are much more likely to lead to future business for you. 

Let's keep making this November ONE TO REMEMBER!!!!

There you have it ladies! Now go, take advantage of the best selling season of the year :)

Do you have any other tips? I'd love to hear them... leave a note in the comments!

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