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It's the holidays! October and November mark the highest sales months of the year for Stella & Dot and other retail companies around the world. So what are you going to do to reach your holiday goals?

Maybe you want to earn enough this season to pay for your shopping, or hit a Glam Getaway level, or you dream of sponsoring for the first time... whatever your goal may be, the best way to start is to build your WDYK list!

Don't have one? Well, let's get started. Have one but it needs a refresh? Here's a little inspiration for you...

Below is a list of people you probably know:
  • Your sister, mom, aunt (any female relative)
  • Your neighbour
  • An old friend from grade school
  • Your high school BFF
  • Your college roommate
  • A friend of a friend
  • A former co-worker
  • The stylish girl at work
  • Your hair stylist
  • The barista at your regular coffee joint
  • A friend who works in an office building
  • A stay-at-home mom
  • Someone who is musical
  • A friend whose style you admire
  • Your florist
  • Your manicurist
  • The girl at the beauty counter at your drug store
  • Your yoga instructor
  • Your dentist
  • The girl at the Purolator depot
  • The receptionist at your doctor's office
  • Your kid's teacher
  • Your kid's piano teacher, soccer coach, dance instructor...
  • The manager of your favourite local boutique
  • Someone who has a teenage daughter
  • Your spouse/partner's co-worker
  • Your mother-in-law
  • Someone from church
  • Someone who's in a book club
  • A friend in another province/state
  • Someone new to the neighbourhood
  • A friend who has sisters
  • A member of a sorority
  • Someone who fundraises for a charitable cause
  • Someone who loves to socialize
  • A new mom
  • Someone getting married
  • Someone who travels for work
  • A friend who recently started a new job
  • A friend that loves to cook
  • Your kid's best friend's mom
  • A real estate agent
  • Someone who needs a little help in the gift-giving department
  • A friend who loves to host
  • Someone who has never heard of Stella & Dot before
  • Someone who owns a home
  • Someone who rents
  • A friend with a pet
  • Someone who loves sports 
  • Someone with more than one degree
  • A friend who works part-time
  • Your optometrist
  • Your mom's bestie
  • Someone who's good with computers
  • Someone with a sweet tooth
  • The waitress at your favourite restaurant
See? It wasn't that hard. Of course, my list is not exhaustive but it's meant to remind you that you know more people than you think you do! True, maybe you don't know your florist's name but it only takes 20 seconds of courage to ask her and introduce her to Stella & Dot.

BONUS: Use this list to hostess coach! Send it to your upcoming hostess and offer her an incentive to add 20 (or 30 or 40) names to her invitation list!

Now take the WDYK list you just filled with names and reach out! Remember, you typically have to ask 10 to book one so don't let those 'no's discourage you - consider every 'no' as one step closer to your next trunk show.

Can you think of anyone else I missed from my list? Comment below.

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