what to wear to a trunk show

Do you find yourself stressing out, rifling through your closet, before a trunk show? 

Here's a stylist secret... Find one or two different tops with neutral necklaces that you're comfortable wearing at a trunk show and wear those - again and again.

The majority of trunk show guests won't overlap between parties so they'll be none the wiser. And let's be honest, they're not looking at you as much as they're looking at our beautiful jewels!

I love wearing statement necklaces and bracelets at shows to demonstrate how easy it is to style some of our more elaborate pieces. A lot of guests who are more accustomed to delicates can be intimidated by the statements, but it makes me so happy to see them discover how great they can look over a simple tee! Wearing a neutral neckline also gives you the perfect canvas to show off some layered looks. Switch it up - throw on the Fanella as you're greeting people at the door, then exchange it for the gold Sutton during your group hello so you can talk about the many ways to wear, then change again a little later to show off some layers.

Personally, I prefer a solid colour mid- to full-length sleeve top. Bottoms will depend on the season and the setting. Have fun with it!

Here are a few tops I found online that might give you some ideas:

Check it out - even our fearless leader chooses a neutral solid top for her trunk shows! (Btw, don't you just love that she leads by example and still does trunk shows?)

What are your trunk show outfit tips? Comment below.

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  1. Laurie,
    I agree with you. Statement necklace would be the smart idea, also it would be good to combo it with black blouse that has pop of leather,

    XXO Nora



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