words to say - calling to follow up

Yay! You've warmed up your contacts using my Words to Say - now what? Now, you call them.

I know, this is the hardest part and even seasoned stylists still have trouble picking up the phone. But it works, I promise you! The email is just too easy to ignore/delete - a phone call not only gives you a direct connection with your prospective hostess, but it also allows you to 'read' the conversation more easily. If she has any hesitations about hosting a show, you can battle these objections right there on the spot (forget sending 3-4 emails back-and-forth).

My best suggestion for making it easier to call your contacts? Grab a glass of wine, a snack, and turn off all your other distractions. A few sips in and you'll find the confidence you need anyway :)

Here's an example of what you can say when you do call:

"Hi Stacey! It's Dana, your Stella & Dot stylist. I sent you an email yesterday and I wanted to check in to see if you had a chance to read it. [Pause here but if she isn't 'hooked', keep going.
I'm looking for new hostesses in September and October and you're at the top of my list - I would so love to do a trunk show for you! Let me make it super easy and simple for you. I'll bring a bottle of wine - you keep it simple with snackies, I'll send out an invite for you to forward... and that's pretty much it! 
The thing I LOVE about my job is meeting new people, spread the word of this growing company, and styling women. My job is to help my hostesses get a few ladies together for drinks and a casual evening or afternoon, and help her earn as many free jewels as possible!!  
We are just here to have fun and it's a great excuse to have the ladies over! We should totally do a show for you! I book up fast in the fall! We can set something tentative and if we need to change it, totally fine."
See? It's not so bad. Just be your fun and friendly self. Need help figuring out what to say if they say 'no'? Check out this post in the Community by the folks at head office.

Keep getting the voicemail machine? Here's what I do:
  1. The first call that goes to voicemail - hang up.
  2. Call again later that day, or the next day at a different time.
  3. If you get voicemail again, leave a message like "Hey, it's Anna with Stella & Dot! I hope you're loving your jewels. I had some fun news to share and I was hoping to reach out. I'll try again another time but if you get this message first, please give me a call at 555-555-5555." 
  4. Try calling again one more time the next day.
  5. Still no luck? Move on. You have lots of other names on your WDYK list to reach out to :)
The reason I don't 'give it all away' in my voicemail message is because I want the chance to talk to my prospective hostess in person about the trunk show opportunity. I don't want her listening to my message and thinking "Hm, no that's not really my thing" then never calling me back - I want to ASK her why it's not her thing and show her why it IS!

What are your tricks for follow up calls? Leave a comment - I'd love to hear about what works for you!

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