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Moving forward, I'll be wrapping up the week with a list of some of the business articles and leadership tips I found to be most helpful to my business. 

Since attending Fall Rally a couple of weeks ago, I've been feeling renewed and re-energized in my business (our quarterly training events always get me riled up and ready to go). There have been a few articles that have really resonated for me - all with messages along the vein of making my business what I want it to be, not to just 'let it happen'.

Here we go!

  1. 3 Surprisingly Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Build Better Habits. This one has a few gems in it. As a person who wants to break down bad habits and build up good ones, and as a business owner, I think this article was right on point.
    Key takeaway: Slipping up on your habits doesn’t make you a failure.
  2. Up Your Email Game With These Gmail-Ready Tools. I am a Gmail user and big fan. No longer do I have to worry about getting an inbox full of spam every day (like back in my Hotmail days) and I have the added benefit of all the little innovations and extra services that Google offers like Drive, Calendar and G+.
    Key takeaway: Boomerang
  3. Five Ways Training For a Marathon Inspired Me As An Entrepreneur. There are some really good lessons here. Some of them are taught to us as we go through school, our careers, or personal challenges. Others aren't as common, like taking the time to experience new things and allow inspiration to seep in.
    Key takeaway: Having the right partner or mentor to help see you through challenges.
  4. 7 Leadership Qualities You May Not Know You Have. Leadership is really an elusive topic. Every other business article or research paper lists a different set of characteristics that leaders hold. I like this list - I think I can strive to be some of the things on this list as I lead my team of Stella & Dot business owners.
    Key takeaway: Let your work speak for itself.

I want to hear what you think! Have you read any other inspiring work lately?

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