top tips from fall rally

Did you miss our Fall Rally? You missed a fun night of fashion, inspiration, dancing, prizes, fun, and more prizes! But don't worry, I took notes :)

Here's a peek at our team leaders and lucky Hoopla attendees, dancing away:

After all that fun and music, we had a panel of top stylists from the Couture Club give us their key tips for the following four topics: booking, selling, sponsoring, and social media. I took notes throughout the session and wanted to share them with you here.


  1. Ask • "Share" the opportunity, don't "ask". It doesn't just happen. Talk about it to everyone. • Not "would you do a trunk show?" But "I would LOVE to do a trunk show for you" & prepare a graceful exit.
  2. Email doesn't count as follow up • Practice using the phone. Do it! If you're going to spend the time to draft an email or the money on stamps to mail a look book, make it worth your time and CALL THEM.
  3. Think outside the box • Pop up shops, vendor shows, fundraisers, book clubs, open house, mystery hostess


  1. Group hello • Work on it. It doesn't have to be formal or long but it sets a "start" time for the party.
  2. Connect with your guests • Ask questions and find out about them • Categorize your guests into "hot", "warm", and "cold" lists to follow up later
  3. Sell what you have • 8 of 10 guests have never been to a trunk show - they've never seen the stuff! They don't know what's new and what's not. Only invest in the new line when you make some money
  4. Outside orders • Trunk show is a "month long style event with a pop up shop in the middle". It's not just one night! Collect orders before and after


  1. Talk about it all the time • You have something amazing to offer people. You don't need people to sign up - if they don't want to, it's fine! Someone else will. • From Hoopla: "it would basically be irresponsible NOT to offer the opportunity to someone"!
  2. Never assume they don't want it • No one is going to be offended that you ask - they'll be flattered that you think it would suit them! • It's a gift! Give it away, believe in it
  3. Plant the seeds, keep it casual • "If you're like me and want everything like yesterday, we should talk about being a stylist because it's honestly the best thing I've ever done. We'll talk about that later."


  1. Start with plan • Pick a platform to start (Instagram is good to be visual but also easy share to other platforms)
  2. Be consistent • Are you going to do it daily? Do it every day. Weekly? Every week
  3. Create quality content • Selfies! • Be visual, have fun • Add your personal story & share how S&D styles your life
  4. Engage • When someone likes your post, comments, etc... follow up! Send a private message and chat about the product

Do you have any other tips? Put them in the comments below.

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