time for change

Hey ladies!

I started this blog as a forum for non-Facebook stylists to stay on top of some information to help with running (and rocking) their businesses. Now that S&D head office has launched its new Community platform, my blog's content will be changing slightly.

I still have plans for some posts about the business, working in direct sales, and other unique trains of thought that apply to our tribe. In addition to all that lovely stuff, I'll be spending some more time finding, curating, and sharing inspiration.

There are so many creative and generous stylists in our community who discover new ways of styling the jewels, accessorizing outfits, layering, engraving, and more - and I want to share my discoveries! I'll be doing what I can to give credit where it's due and I hope you will too :) 

Just wait for my next post. I think you'll like it!

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