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I love the new engravables line. With the new personalized pieces, Stella & Dot is really poising itself at the intersection of fashion jewelry and personalized jewelry... and as usual, we are doing it with a bang!

In its first three weeks, the soft launch of the engraved line sold more than 30,000 pieces in North America. This is even before the pieces were available to order through the website. Press and editors all over the continent were so excited about the product that they were literally stealing them off the necks of our CEO and Chief Creative Officer!

What makes our personalized line so special? Well, a few things. First of all, they're super cute. Beyond the stylish design, Stella & Dot is offering fast turnaround, first class methods, and top of the line materials. 

Most custom engraved jewelry on the market today takes 6-8 weeks from order through delivery. We're currently boasting a 1-2 week timeline and on track to streamlining the process to a 4-day turnaround.

Of course, we stylists know that it's not just about kicking out product quickly. Stella & Dot stands behind the quality of our product and designs everything with our customers in mind. We're using premium techniques and materials for this collection. Here's a little about that:
  • Ionic plating is the technique used on the 12k gold engravable pieces, instead of gold coating, helping to extend the life of the necklace. Very simply, gold coating is kind of like dipping the piece, over and over, to add layers to the surface. In contrast, ionic plating uses chemically charged molecules to bond the layers together, producing a "harder" more stable and permanent coating. Stella & Dot also makes the gold plated pieces with twice the number of coats than most engraved items on the market. This is to ensure that we don't cut through the plating once we start engraving. Why do we use 12k gold? Simply because it's a more beautiful blend :)
  • To fulfill our customers' orders to their joy and delight, the Stella & Dot distribution centre acquired a brand new, custom-built jig that allows 28 items to be engraved at once. Check out this video from the Buzz that shows what happens at the DC.
  • Another thing to note is that we use a diamond drag technique for the engraving, versus laser cutting. Although laser cutting is quicker and cheaper, the technique doesn't cut as deeply into the plating. If you've ever owned an engraved piece before this, you may have noticed the words starting to wear over time - that would be because the cuts only went a few coats deep. The diamond drag technique uses diamond-tipped needles (the strongest known element on Earth) to cut several coats deeper, allowing for a cleaner and hardier engraving.
So, after all this, is there really any wonder that our engravables have been flying off the shelves?

Take advantage of the current hostess bonus (4+ orders and $500 earns hostesses a free engravable) by using the info in this post. Share the love and book those shows! Help your customers tell their story by adding a beautiful, durable, keepsake-quality piece to their collection.

I'd love to know... What do you have engraved on your Stella & Dot personalized piece? Tell me in the comments!

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