3 key elements of the group hello

Do you do a group hello? When I was at my first show (all the way back in November 2012) I thought I was too timid to do one. I'd watched all the faux TS videos in Stella & Dot University, I'd chatted with my sponsor about what to say, I'd read through all of the materials available to me. But I was terrified!

Every stylist's first show is terrifying. My first was with my 'Aunt' Joanne - a friend of my mom's from high school. I grew up with her kids and even held my first real job at her local piano studio. I knew a few of the ladies there (which perhaps made it even harder) but there were also some unfamiliar faces. In the end, I really didn't have a choice. My mom and Joanne simply asked me, "Well, aren't you going to do a demonstration or something?" I was dumbfounded but I went ahead and gave a shot at a group hello anyway.

There's no way I can remember what I said at that first show. There were probably some ramblings about the company and the jewelry. It was probably pretty choppy and hard to watch. Since then, I've been able to groom my group hello into something I'm much more comfortable with.

It's not exactly the same every time. I think it's always best to cater it to the crowd - I don't want to sound like an over-rehearsed robot. [That said, I do practice it in the car on my way to the show :)]

My group hello is fluid but I always include these three key elements:

  1. A story. Once most of the guests have arrived to the party, I kick off my group hello by asking "Would anyone like to learn more about Stella & Dot?" In all of the trunk shows I've ever asked this question, I have NEVER been met with a silent room. Of course they want to know! That's why they're there! To satisfy their curious little minds, I like to tell my guests a little bit about the company. I share a few points like:
    • "Stella & Dot was started in the States in 2007; it eventually expanded to Canada in 2008 where we now have more than 3000 stylists. We have also expanded to do business and add style to the lives of women in Puerto Rico/UK/France/Germany and now Ireland."
    • "Our CEO/Founder, Jessica Herrin, started the company with the vision that it would create a stylish, flexible entrepreneurship opportunity for women. As a result of that vision, we're now one of Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Companies and a leading social selling business."
    • And, I tell them the story about how I got involved in the business. [To read about my story, click here.]
  2. How to get it. Now that they feel a little more connected to the company (and to me), I want to explain how the trunk show works. Typically about 80 per cent of the guests at my shows have never been to a trunk show before so I like to show them the ropes. I break it down and explain that they can get their hands on the product in any of three ways: 
    • Buy it today! "The display here is my jewelry box - they're well-loved pieces that I get to wear every day. If you'd like something of your own, we'll place an order today and you'll get a shiny new one (and in this ADORABLE packaging) shipped to your door in 4-6 business days. Shipping is a flat rate of $7.95 and I take almost any form of payment - cash, cheque, Visa and Mastercard."
    • Host a show! "If you find your wish list is growing, and growing, and growing... you may only want to take a couple pieces home with you today, but let's chat! I can do a show with you and a few of your own girlfriends and we'll earn your favourites for free and half-price."
    • Join my team! "If you love it all and you think it wouldn't be so bad to enjoy a jewelry box like this, you may want to consider joining as a stylist too. We have stylists from all walks of life - I know a lawyer and mom of three who does a trunk show here and there for a little extra shoe money; I also know stylists who work the biz 40 hours a week and earn a full-time income. If you're even a little curious, let's talk about how Stella & Dot might fit into your life."
  3. Trend report. This part of the group hello is what I tend to mix up a little each time. Depending on which pieces I picked up from the newest line, the weather that day, the crowd, and the hostess's preferences, I try to cater this a little bit. To stay up to date on seasonal trends, I always watch Blythe's new collection webinars when she talks about her design inspiration. With that in mind, I tend to demonstrate some of our most versatile pieces like the Zoe Lariat, Sutton, and Phoenix necklaces, a great arm party, tying our scarves a couple different ways, and the expandable Getaway.

What do you say in your group hello? Are there any key phrases you use that work for you?

If you don't do a group hello, I challenge you to try it! Check out the Words to Say in the Stylist Lounge - even grab a friend to practice.

Till next time! Stay stylish :)
3 key elements of the group hello

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