my trunk show prep routine

I have a trunk show tomorrow for an old friend of mine Alanah. She's celebrating her 25th birthday party (yesterday actually, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!) and I am so so excited to partner with her to get a bunch of sparkly things from her wish list.

Since I'm a little Type A, I will be preparing for the show the night before. So, here's my process.

I only do one or two trunk shows a month so I find the best way for me to 'psych up' and get my head in the game is to do kind of a dry run. I set up my display and prep all the supplies I need. Here are some of the things I spend my time on:
  • Look books. I count out and label all the look books, with a few extra based on my RSVP numbers. If we have a mid-size LB out, I label both and tuck a mid-size into the front cover of each full-size LB. I also stick a post-it note on the cover of each LB that says "I love to spoil my hostesses with free jewelry! My next open dates are..." with 2-3 of my upcoming free TS dates. Just another little way to plant the seed :)
  • Order forms. I try to use Dottie as much as I can since the app is just so darn convenient and comprehensive, but sometimes wifi just doesn't cooperate. So I bring paper order forms as back-up. To save time, I write in my stylist info before leaving the house (name, ID, email). I always bring a few extra to leave with my hostess so she can collect some outside orders if we don't hit the rewards level she wanted.
  • Wish lists. I print off the wish list template from the Lounge - lots of copies. I prep three clipboards with wish lists and pens and in my Group Hello I mention that guests should write down all their favourites and don't hold back! Then at check out we'll narrow down what they decide to take today. Bringing me to check out...
  • My check out station. I bring a print out of the current TS Exclusive Offers PDF, the product guide, fabric swatch and ring sizer. I also keep a tray of older or retired samples with a sign that reads "Choose a date today, pick a piece from the tray"! 
I pre-arrange all my trays, bracelet bar, bracelet pillows, etc. the night before my TS. I stack 'em all up and place them right into my Getaway as they are. It makes for a speedy set-up when all I have to do is straighten a few necklaces and place everything on a table. Easy!

What are some of the things you do to prep for a TS? Do you do it the night before? Morning of? Do you have any other little tricks to share to make prep easier? Leave a comment below.

Stay stylish!
my trunk show prep routine

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