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I have to say, the favourite thing about my Stella & Dot business has to be the flexibility it offers me.

I joined the company in October 2012. My husband had recently decided to go back to university full-time and we were struggling with the transition from a two-income to one-income household. I needed to find a way to bring in a little more income and thought about a few options - maybe I could bartend at night like I did as a student? Maybe I could grab a weekend job somewhere like a grocery store so I could earn wages and get a discount on our regular expenses?

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But, I'll be honest, none of these options were appealing to me. I work an office job full-time, so spending Monday through Friday 9-5 at the office and evenings and weekends for minimum wage....?

Then I remembered meeting an S&D rep about a year before. The job I'd had at the time had a lunch-hour trunk show one day where I was first introduced to the brand. I loved the stuff but I was still paying off my student debts and was only working as an intern at the time - so I couldn't afford any of it! It seemed like something I could definitely do though. So I researched it.

Having been a stylist for awhile now, I can't stop raving about how amazing the flexibility is. I still work the business on the side to my office job (not quite what I consider part-time since month-to-month activity isn't really consistent) but I dream of a day when I could make it more. I'm thinking once DH has graduated and/or we're pregnant with the first bundle of joy.... it's truly a business I could see becoming more than a passion project.

This flexibility was really at the core of the business from its roots. CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin, talks about building a flexible entrepreneurship opportunity for women around the world - judging success only by the happiness of Stella & Dot's stylists. I love that.

In fact, Jessica teamed with AOL and Quaker this week and was featured on their new series: Ingredients for Success. Check out the interview here.

How does Stella & Dot fit into your life? Do you work the biz casually, part-time, full-time? Do you dream of more, like me? I'd love to hear about your experience - leave a comment below!

Or, if you're not a current stylist but read this post and you're interested in learning more... I'm recruiting team members in both Canada and the U.S. - message me!

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